Here is what to expect:

From our own experience, we understand finding your new home can be exhausting and overwhelming. We've created a complimentary service to help you find your new home. From the moment we connect, you are provided with first class service when finding a place to call home.


Fill out our "VIP Client" Intake Form, we will immediately give you a call to get a complete understanding of what your needs and expectations are in your new home.


We will arrange to meet at our office or at a convenient location and we'll drive to each property together, if you desire.


Be willing to make a decision on with 24 hours or lets continue searching for the right home. We will also provide guidance to help choose the property that best meet your criteria.



We will assist in negotiating the price and other desired items.



Once you have selected your new home, we will ensure a smooth move into your new home with the help of our luxury concierge team.